Preparing for a successful future requires communication with stakeholders; you are your first stakeholder. - Aubry Padmore

Aubry Padmore


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Empowerment Is The Focus, towards E.L.E.V.A.T. E



I am a faith-based Entrepreneur originating from Barbados but based in Atlanta, Georgia where I migrated to the United States at 18 years old in the state of New York first, then moving to Atlanta in later years. Over time I successfully structured a strategic, purpose-filled plan for my life to become a successful empowerment speaker, author, coach, publisher and adjunct professor.


Many may be unaware but I was actually born a mute – no speech. I only began to speak at three years of age where I recalled the neighbors laughing at me when I began to attempt speaking because I stuttered very badly at that time. Some friends today often make me recount on those days I stuttered; reminding me of the earlier years where I found myself posted in the front window so my mother could have easy access to ensure my safety. Some of the passing neighbors nicknamed me “Dummy.”