2024 brings new ideas, thoughts and profound community renewal. Getting your message out with purpose and confidence is essential to communicate your audience's needs.


This webinar is for emerging speakers, authors, coaches and other like-minded individuals, who simply want the keys to sharing their message in an empowering way to their community.


The instructor is Barbadian-born Aubry Padmore who was born as a mute child but eventually and miraculously spoke later on in life. His first keynote was done during a church session some forty years ago at Church of God in his home village of Greens, St. George, Barbados, West Indies.


Since then, he has gone on to become an international speaker, author, coach, trainer and mentor of others. Aubry will share an hour of power inclusive of strategies on overcoming voice issues and messaging to share for the first time how he conquered his fear of speaking and turned his painful past into power for change and empowerment globally.


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